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The website was done in accordance with all the accessibility criteria: AA - W3C - WCAG 2.0.

"ENEA Capital Group Annual Report 2015" website was developed in accordance with the international standards of website accessibility specified in W3C report, whose updated version is titled WCAG 2.0. (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). It presents numerous recommendations aiming at better accessibility to websites.

The website accessibility means a level on which it may be perceived, understood and browsed by all users, irrespective of their features or disabilities and the equipment they use. WCAG guarantees access to the website to disabled people having problems with seeing, hearing or speech disorders.

WCAG 2.0. criteria include not only the technology of the website realisation, but also the way of presentation of the content or guaranteeing an easy access to properly grouped documents. The application of those international criteria enhances also the usability of the website itself and improves the quality of its navigation