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Investments realised in 2015


  • Obtaining new licences:
    • obtaining a licence for mining in K-3 area and for the identification of Ostrów deposit
    • performance of OS-1 bore-hole in the area of Ostrów deposit
    • preparation of the drilling works project for OS-4 hole
  • Maintenance of the machine park - purchase and assembly of machinery and equipment
  • Purchase and assembly of wall complexes:
    • purchase and assembly of the plow system-4 for 1/I/385 wall, enabling the exploitation of mining walls of the length of 318 m
    • completion of the assembly and start-up of the plow system-4, 1/I/385 wall initiated the exploitation of 385 deposit in field I
    • construction of new excavations
    • modernisation of the existing excavations
  • Other development and replacement investments, e.g.:
    • construction of a central air-conditioning for Bogdanka field
    • extension of Zakład Przeróbki Mechanicznej Węgla (Coal Mechanical Processing Plant)
    • extension of the plant for mining waste neutralisation
    • continuation of the power grids expansion


  • Successive stages of the construction of a supercritical bituminous coal fired 1,075 MW power unit
  • Unit No. 7 - modernisation and completion of the installation of flue gases denitrification - SCR
  • Modernisation of unit No. 1 - replacement modernisation of the unit including the development of SCR installation
  • Modernisation of unit No. 2 - replacement modernisation of the unit including the development of SCR installation
  • IOS IV flue gas desulphurisation plant - starting the desulphurisation installation (from 1 January 2016 100% of flue gas is desulphurised)
  • Modernisation of the reserve rotor for 500 MW generators
  • Construction of the nitric oxides catalytic reduction installation (SCR) for K7 and K8 boilers in Białystok Heat and Power Plant
  • Heat recovery installation from K6 biomass boiler flue gases in Elektrociepłownia Białystok
  • Construction of a gaseous cogeneration unit in MEC Piła


  • Completion of the realisation of a range of investments on medium and high voltage related to the extension, automation and modernisation of the unit and power grids
    • construction of: RS Worowo, RS Chocicza and GPZ Krzywiń including HV feeding lines
    • reconstruction of: GPZ Rąbinek, GPZ Chojnice Przemysłowa, GPZ Śrem HCP and GPZ Sulechów
    • construction of Dolna Odra-Chlebowo HV overhead line
    • reconstruction of HV overhead lines: Międzychód-Sieraków, Załom-Goleniów, Drezdenko-Drawski Młyn and Września-Miłosław
  • Improvement of the connection processes and reduction of the negative impact on the environment of the used power equipment
  • Increasing the efficiency of the Distribution area - sorting out the competences of companies supporting Enea Operator in the realisation of its core operations, improvement of the investment and exploitation processes
  • Development of information tools supporting the grid management