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Changes in the structure of Capital Group

Asset restructuring

After performing, in previous years, key organisational changes in 2015 Enea Capital Group, apart from the operations related to the planned changes, did not conduct any significant activities within assets restructuring. Pursuant to Enea Group's Corporate Strategy for 2014-2020 which foresees concentration on the core operations, the conducted activities aim at guaranteeing the functioning of relevant organisational structures and processes enabling the further development of Enea Capital Group.

Generation 30 January 2015 Ecebe Removing the company from the register
Other activity 1 April 2015 Energo-Tour Putting the company under liquidation
Other activity 1 July 2015 TARPAN Removing the company from the register
Other activity 18 December 2015 Hotel EDISON Disposal of shares

Key equity divestments

Other activity 18 December 2015 Hotel EDISON Disposal of shares

Changes in the Group's organisation

In 2015 Enea Group continued activities focused on the implementation of the Group's Corporate Strategy.

Other activity Hotel EDISON Exclusion from Enea CG (sale)
  Szpital Uzdrowiskowy ENERGETYK Sales process

Equity investments

Other activity 25 February 2015 Energo-Tour Acquisition by Enea of 0.08% of shares to order the capital structure. Currently, Enea holds 100% of shares.
Other activity 15 April 2015 PGE EJ 1 Acquisition by Enea of 10% of shares in the special purpose vehicle which is responsible for the preparation and realisation of the investment being the construction and exploitation of the first atomic power plant in Poland with the capacity of around 3,000 MWe.
Other activity 29 June 2015 Enea Centrum Raising the share capital of the Company by PLN 502,500 and subscription for all 5,025 new shares by Enea SA which paid for them in whole with a contribution in kind being SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) constituting an element of fixed assets of Enea SA. Raising the share capital is pending registration with the register court.
Generation 23 June 2015 PEC Zachód Registration of Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej sp. z o.o. seated in Białystok with KRS (National Court Register). The core subject of activity of the Company is rendering services for MPEC Sp. z o.o. in Białystok. Enea Wytwarzanie sp. z o.o. took up 98% of shares in the Company and the remaining 2% was taken up by Enea Logistyka sp. z o.o.
Other activity 29 July 2015 PGE EJ 1 Raising the share capital of the Company with PLN 69,999,450 via creation of 496,450 new shares of the nominal value of PLN 141 each, subscription for all the newly created shares by the existing Shareholders and coverage of shares with contribution in cash. Enea SA took up 49,645 shares in the raised share capital of the Company with the total nominal value of 6,999,945 and covered it with cash contribution in the amount of PLN 6,999,945. On 16 October 2015 the raising was registered with the National Court Register. 
Other activity 30 July 2015 Hotel EDISON Raising the share capital of the Company by PLN 70,500 and subscription for all 141 new shares by Enea SA which paid for them in whole with a contribution in kind. On 24 September 2015 the raised share capital was registered with the National Court Register.
Distribution activity 18 September 2015 CSWI The Company incorporated by Enea Operator sp. z o.o. and Enea Pomiary sp. z o.o. with the share capital of PLN 50,000, divided into 20 shares for PLN 2,500 each. The goal of the Company is implementation of a uniform standard of information exchange among the participants of the retail electricity market. On 10 November 2015 Enea Operator purchased 5% of shares from Enea Pomiary in CSWI’s share capital. From that day, Enea Operator holds 100% of shares in the Company’s share capital. On 9 December 2015 a share sale agreement was concluded between Enea Operator and 4 distribution companies (RWE STOEN, ENERGA - OPERATOR, PGE Dystrybucja, Tauron Dystrybucja), as a result of which the entities will hold 20% each in the Company’s share capital. The shares will be transferred if the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection approves such an assignment.
Innovations 29 September 2015 Enea Innovation The Company was incorporated on 29 September 2015 by Enea. Its objective is performing activities directed at the implementation of Enea Capital Group's Corporate Strategy determining the Group's interest within innovation implementation. The realisation of this goal will be performed with use of a venture capital fund which will be organised as a limited partnership - the Company will be its general partner. The share capital of the Company amounts to PLN 5,000 and is divided into 50 shares of the value of PLN 100 each. Enea SA took up 100% of shares of the total value of PLN 5,000 which were paid for in cash.
Mining 29 October 2015 LW Bogdanka On 14 September Enea announced the tender offer for LW Bodanka SA's shares. PLN 67.39 per share was offered to the existing shareholders. Subscriptions for shares were taken from 2 to 21 October. After the settlement of the transaction on 29 October Enea Group became the holder of 66% of the Company’s shares.