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Activities to be realised in 2016

Area of Retail Sales

  • Optimisation of sales channels, including the start-up of e-commerce platform
  • Development and optimisation of the product range
  • Continuation of marketing campaigns for mass Customers
  • Activation of promotional activities on sponsored events
  • Development of analytical and operating systems supporting sales

Area of Customer Service

  • Completion of a migration process of Customer data to the central billing system - CCSS-T, CCSS-D
  • Launching new, electronic channels of Customer Service - e-CSC, e-Invoice for Customers from the whole area
  • Launching new services for all Enea CG Companies on Enea Group's on-line service
  • Optimisation of CSC, visualisation of selected CSCs
  • Further development of Contact Centre, commencing a cooperation with an external partner
  • Construction of Competence Centres in the Support and Settlement Division

Area of Wholesale Trade

  • Development and implementation of a model of long-term price paths for products listed on wholesale markets
  • Improvement of tools and methods of portfolio management and securing the position within the full chain of added value in the field of trading in electricity, derivative products and natural gas
  • Development of trading systems and their integration with systems used in Enea CG
  • Development of a comprehensive strategy of securing the portfolio of RES proprietary interests for Enea CG
  • Continuation of the Fuel Trade and Logistics Project
  • Continuation of competence development in the German market