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Investor relations

Investor relations are a very important element of the common and integrated corporate communication for Enea. Communication and channels and tools it uses are adjusted to the needs of particular groups of users, maintaining at the same time the principle of an equal access to information.

In 2015, as part of realised investor relations programme:

We participated in:

  • The conference of the energy and raw materials sectors of DM BZ WBK
    • Mining and Power Engineering conference of DM BZ WBK
    • 7th SEG Listed Companies Investor Relations Congress
    • We were a Key Partner of WallStreet Conference
  • We organised Energi@21 Congress to which the managers and analysts were invited
  • We met representatives of TFI (investment fund companies) and OFE (open-end retirement funds) through brokerage houses
  • We launched a new IR tab on the Group’s website which is adjusted to investor needs
  • We met capital market participants each quarter as part of conferences devoted to results
  • We systematically sent the investor newsletter including the most important information from Enea Group
  • We participated in "Investor Action" organised by Puls Biznesu
  • We were support for Enea Group employees as regards the disclosure requirements of listed companies - we conducted trainings and prepared a cycle of “Giełda bez Tajemnic” bulletins (Stock Exchange with no secrets)


Recommendations of particular brokerage houses for Enea in 2015:


Recommendations issued for Enea in 2015:

Date of issueInstitutionRecommendationTarget priceIssue date price
14-12-2015 Ipopema Securities "Buy" 14.10 11.00
07-12-2015 DM BZ WBK "Sell" 12.03 11.52
01-12-2015 Deutsche Bank "Hold" 13.50 11.49
30-11-2015 Erste Group "Hold" 12.75 11.90
21-10-2015 DM Trigon "Buy" 18.00 13.57
29-09-2015 DM PKO BP "Buy" 15.80 13.19
18-09-2015 Deutsche Bank "Hold" 15.50 14.00
12-08-2015 Societe Generale "Buy" 18.90 14.87
30-07-2015 DM mBanku "Buy" 18.10 13.94
23-07-2015 Trigon DM "Buy" 18.10 14.57
18-06-2015 DM BZ WBK  "Buy" 18.70 15.94
20-05-2015 Societe Generale "Buy" 20.00 16.90
06-05-2015 Societe Generale "Buy" 19.20 16.50
21-04-2015 DM Trigon "Buy" 19.50 16.43
20-02-2015 Deutsche Bank "Hold" 17.50 16.03
02-02-2015 DM Trigon "Buy" 20.60 16.44
26-01-2015 DM mBanku "Accumulate" 18.00 16.96
22-01-2015 Wood & Co. "Hold" 18.00 16.50