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Investments planned in 2016 within the currently held assets


Development investments

Obtaining new licences:

  • obtaining a new licence for the mining use in K-6 and K-7 area of Cyców deposit
  • obtaining geological information relating to Ostrów deposit
  • identification of Orzechów area

Maintaining the machine park:

  • purchase and assembly of new machines and equipment
  • modernisation and renovations of machinery and equipment
Operating investments

New excavations and modernisation of the existing ones:

  • performance of excavations, mainly wall roadways, face lines and other technological and access xcavations, enabling exploitation of walls in 385/2, 391 and 389 deposits
  • reconstruction of mining excavations
Other investments

Other development and replacement investments:

  • central air-conditioning of Bogdanka field - continuation of underground works
  • extension of the plant for mining waste neutralisation in Bogdanka
  • continuation of the power grids expansion
  • modernisation of 110/6 kV switching station and terminal objects


Segment of System Power PlantsNew
  • Modernisation of units No. 4 and 5
  • Construction of power unit No. 11
  • IOS IV Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant - within flue gas channels
  • Installation of flue gases denitrification - SCR for units No. 4-8 and 1-2
  • Installation of flue gases denitrification - SCR for units No. 9-10
  • Construction of industrial waste and rainwater treatment
  • Modernisation of cooling water intake - stabilising checkdam on the Vistula River
  • Modernisation of the slag and ash depot - modernisation of field 5
Segment of Heat
  • Construction of flue gas desulphurisation plant on K7 and K8 boilers
Segment of RES
  • Continuation of the construction of 14.1 MW Baczyna wind farm and the project of max. 10 MW extension of Bardy wind farm (project titled Bardy II)
  • Acquisition of 100% of shares in the special purpose vehicle - Eco - Power sp. z o.o. (36 MW Skoczykłody wind farm) is planned until the end of Q1 2016
  • Searching for new investment and acquisition projects within the realisation of the strategy of increasing the capacity installed in wind farms


  • Construction of GPZ Choszczno II (transformer/switching station)
  • Construction of GPZ Śmiłowo
  • Reconstruction of GPZ Pniewy
  • Reconstruction of GPZ Niemierzy
  • Reconstruction of GPZ Tanowska
  • Reconstruction of GPZ Stargard Wschód
  • Reconstruction of GPZ Stargard Wschód
  • Implementation of smart grid solution development programme (AMI)
  • Implementation of a programme enhancing network reliability
  • Implementation of the Network Information System project
  • Realisation of the project of implementation of the system of digital operator communications in TETRA standard
  • Reconstruction of Pniewy-Sieraków HV overhead line
  • Construction of Świnoujście-Warszów HV cable line
  • Reconstruction of Pakość-Żnin HV overhead line
  • Reconstruction of Łobez-Resko HV overhead line